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recall an adage about chickens and their immature ova

” The patients are frequently visible at [VA Alzheimer’s rest home] #4’s windows… They give everyone at Ennet House the howling fantods. One ancient retired Air Force nurse does nothing but scream “Help!”for hours at a time from a second-story window. Since the Ennet House residents are drilled in a Boston-AA recovery program that places great emphasis on “Asking for Help” the retired shrieking nurse is the object of a certain grim amusement sometimes. Not six weeks ago, a huge stolen HELP WANTED sign was found attached to #4’s siding right below the retired shrieking nurse’s window.”

I am mostly done with this book. Praise Jaysus.

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is a fucking tome. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I won’t brag about the length (it’s very long), or the depth (total. snob. lit.). But I am a marginally well-adjusted U.S. adult male, and I’m going to need to make a last will and testament before I am 3/4 finished. If only because seeing those footnotes when I turn the last page will drive me to suicide.ยน

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